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Aspida webmail provides extensive antispam services that work to prevent unwanted (spam) email from reaching your inbox. Most of these will be managed by your network administrator, and require no effort from you.

Some features, however, can be configured with your own personal preference.

To configure your antispam preferences, click the Gear icon, then Security, go to the Antispam Management section, and configure the following:

Block/Safe lists

Click Block or Safe to manually manage the block or safe list. In the popup dialog box, you can add or delete email addresses in the block or safe list. You can also backup or restore the block/safe list.

Note: In addition to your personal safe list and personal block list, your network administrator may have configured Aspida webmail with system-wide or per-domain safe lists and block lists, which have priority over your personal settings. If your block list or safe list is not working as you expect, ask your network administrator.

Add outgoing email addresses to Safe list

If the people to whom you send email can be trusted to never send spam to you, you can safelist their email addresses. This guarantees that replies or other email they send to you is never accidentally marked as spam, and therefore will not be rejected, discarded, or quarantined (that is, sent to your Bulk mailbox folder).

To safelist the recipients of email that you send, turn this option on.

Tip: Alternatively, you can manually add individual email addresses to your personal white list or personal block list. For details, see “Block/Safe lists”.

Receive spam report

Depending on the configuration your network administrator has chosen, you might notice that spam email appears in your Bulk mailbox folder, also known as a personal quarantine. Related to this, you might periodically receive a quarantine report that lists recent additions to the personal quarantine, and enables you to release or delete email in the quarantine.

To receive your personal quarantine reports, turn this option on.

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