Checking and Composing Email Print

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When you log in to Aspida webmail, it shows your Inbox folder, enabling you to see whether you have any new, unread email.
When you receive a secure email notification, you can log in to the Aspida webmail to view your secure email. You will find that your secure email is either in the Encrypted Email mailbox or in the temporary mailbox your administrator set up for you, depending on the email delivery method the administrator chose for your email. The name of the temporary mailbox is the same as the subject line of your secure email.
You can reply or forward the email if your system administrator has enabled these functions for you. For an email in the temporary mailbox, you can view its header details or open it in a bigger window.

From this location, you can also:

  • Read your email.
  • Compose and send email to other people.
  • Search your email.
  • View the email that each mailbox folder contains.
  • Add new mailbox folders.
  • Compact your mailbox folders to save storage space.
  • Empty the Trash folder.

The left-hand navigation pane shows a list of the other mailbox folders in your account, including Bulk. Like your Inbox, the Bulk folder is a special folder

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