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Aspida webmail is a web site located on a Aspida Secure Messaging Platform unit. Aspida webmail will:

  • Allow you to read and compose email messages.
  • Allow you to check your Bulk folder for email that was detected as spam, and therefore quarantined before it reached your inbox.
  • Allow you to check your Inbox and other mailboxes.
  • Allow you to access your secure email messages.

Several modern, popular web browsers are supported, so you can use Aspida Webmail through the web browser of your choice.
To access Aspida Webmail, in your browser’s location or address bar, enter the URL that was provided to you by your administrator.

Tip: You also can access your mailboxes through popular email software such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP. For connection settings, contact Aspida Mail support or view the applicable KB articles.


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