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In your list of mailbox folders in the left-hand navigation pane, in addition to your Inbox, there is a Bulk mailbox folder, also known as your personal quarantine.

Depending on the configuration your network administrator has chosen, you might notice that spam email appears in your Bulk mailbox folder. This enables you to monitor your quarantined email to make sure that none of them are actually legitimate email that were mistaken for spam.

To facilitate such monitoring, you can periodically receive a quarantine report that lists recent additions to the personal quarantine, and enables you to release or delete email in the quarantine.

If you have multiple email accounts on Aspida Webmail, you can make one of them your primary account. This enables you to manage all of your Bulk folders through the primary account, without having to log in to each of your other email accounts separately.

If you determine that an email is not spam, you can add the sender to your personal white list to ensure that email from that person will not be mistaken as spam in the future. Conversely, if you decide that email from that person is always spam, you can add that email address to your personal black list.

If you or your network administrator need additional information to determine whether or not an email is genuine or is spam, you can view the email’s message headers.

To release an email from the personal quarantine, select it and click Release to send it back to your Inbox.

To view an email’s message headers

  1. Click Bulk to display your personal quarantine.
  2. Double-click to display an email.
  3. Click More > Detailed Header.

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