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What are email aliases?

An email alias refers to an address that is associated with other destination email address(es).   An example of an alias email would be that patients would be instructed to contact for questions about the office.  This alias would then be set up to forward emails to multiple recipients within the practice.


When would I use an email alias?

Aliases can be used to distribute email to people.  This is helpful when you have several employees working in one department that need to be able to view messages.  For example, let’s say that you have three people in your billing department (Jane, Sue, and Mary) that all answer billing questions.  Instead of having your patients send their inquiries to each individual; an alias could be used. “” could be set up as an alias to distribute emails to all three employees.  This not only makes it easy for the sender, but it also makes sure that everyone receives the messages in case someone is on vacation or out of the office.

Several of my staff members share one email address and password; can Aspida Mail be set up this way?

Aspida Mail can be set up for multiple people to share one address, but for compliance reasons we strongly recommend that it be done by creating aliases instead of sharing password information.  When you create one email account for multiple people to share you lose the capability to monitor and log each individual’s actions.  Tracking and monitoring each individual’s actions are vital for HIPAA compliance.  

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