Accessing Encrypted E-mail Messages

Aspida Mail uses Identity Based Encryption (IBE) to encrypt email messages containing electronic protected health information (ePHI).  When a user sends an email the ASPIDA Mail server applies various policies to the email. If a policy or rule match is found, the mail server encrypts the email with a public key using the recipients email address and sends a notification to the recipient.

The notification email contains an HTML attachment, with instructions and links informing the recipient how to access the encrypted email.

replacement message

If this is the first time the recipient receives such a notification, the recipient must follow the instructions and links to register on the Aspida Mail server before reading email.

ibe access
Upon clicking 'Register', recipient will receive a link to their mailbox.

ibe registration


Click this link and complete the registration process.

Once a password is created, registration is complete. Recipient will need to click the link (in the original email to view the secure message) and be asked to log-in.

*If the recipient has registered with the Aspida Mail server previously (and accessed the mailbox within the last 60 days), the recipient only needs to log in to the ASPIDA Mail server to read email.

When the recipient opens the mail on the ASPIDA Mail server, the email is decrypted automatically.

ibe email

Note: Recipients of secure mail have a time window of 30 days to register before the registration expires.

After 60 days of inactivity recipient accounts are terminated by the mail server. If a recipient receives another secure mail after the 60 days they will need to register again.

Secure mail will be saved on the mail server for 30 days.

Recipients who have forgotten their log in password and request a password reset will have 1 hour to complete the password reset.

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