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Service Status Update - 1/19/2021 (Resolved) High
  • 01/20/2021 01:10 - 01/29/2021 19:04
  • Last Updated 01/20/2021 01:22

We received reports of Aspida Mail customers experiencing slowness and service delivery issues starting early morning January 11th, 2021. The root cause was a firmware update at one of the data centers that we utilize. This impacted the redundant storage appliances with latency across primary and failover systems. This resulted in Webmail systems and mail clients being slow and/or unresponsive.
Our team worked with the data center engineers to minimize the impact on customers. By end of day on 1/11/21, we had the impacted mail systems online and working at half capacity. This allowed the data center engineers time to revert firmware updates. While the data center was restoring services, we were increasing capacity on our end. Starting Tuesday morning (1/12/2021), most users were able to send and receive new mail messages, but archived mail and folders were unavailable and in the process of migrating onto the new back-end storage solution.
By Saturday afternoon, (1/16/21) we were at full capacity on impacted systems with mail migration complete and all archived mail and folders restored. We tested all systems with success, and we were confident by Monday morning (1/18/21) that everything would return to normal.
Unfortunately, Monday morning as users began to log into email, we quickly discovered that one of the storage units reverted and the same issues returned - intermittent Webmail/Mail Client access and therefore, the inability to send and receive email. The data center engineers replaced the unit completely and service was restored early evening on 1/18/21.

On Tuesday morning, 1/19/21, Webmail interface showed slow response time which has only improved as the day has progressed. We are continuing to monitor this situation.

Aspida Mail Servers - 1/19/21 Update (Resolved) High
  • 01/19/2021 13:03 - 01/29/2021 19:04
  • Last Updated 01/19/2021 21:47

We made adjustments to the infrastructure last night and the changes made seem to be improving Aspida Mail performance.

We are aware Webmail still does have a delay with refresh and we are continuing to address.


Aspida Mail Servers (Resolved) High
  • 01/18/2021 21:21 - 01/29/2021 19:04
  • Last Updated 01/18/2021 21:42

We understand how imperative email is to your business and we apologize for these issues.

We are continuing to investigate the connection issues for Webmail and Mail Client users and hope to be able to offer more information soon.

This is our top priority and our team is working hard to get this resolved.

Connectivity with Aspida Mail (Resolved) Critical
  • 01/18/2021 18:31 - 01/29/2021 19:04
  • Last Updated 01/18/2021 19:19

We have been alerted of slow Webmail interface and dropped connections to mail clients (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird).

We are in the process of investigating and will be posting updates on this site as we have them available.