Encrypted Mail

HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email

Aspida Mail offers medical practices a comprehensive solution for HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email, including email archiving, retention and backup for six years with spam and malware protection.  No software to install, maintain or update.

Aspida Mail can be used on any device and any program that is IMAP compliant, including most major healthcare software programs.

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What is encrypted email & why do I need it?

An Encrypted Email allows you to send a secure message without the inherit risk of the data being intercepted, protecting the content from being viewed by someone other than the intended recipient(s).

Aspida Mail was created for the safe transmission of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) via email. On a surface level, HIPAA standards requires ePHI to be securely transmitted and stored. Aspida Mail offers a complete email solution that sends, receives and stores your mail securely.

How does Aspida Mail Work?

The Aspida Mail system is easy to setup and simple to use.  Aspida Mail will work with any IMAP enabled service, including mail clients, practice management software, cell phones, tablets and more.  Aspida Mail is a complete email system.

The email is encrypted by a keyword, Encrypt, written anywhere in the SUBJECT or BODY of the email. Our system recognizes this keyword and holds that message on our secure server. The recipient then gets a replacement message with a link to click and view the email.

The first time they receive an encrypted message from Aspida, they have to register by creating a username (which is their email address) and password. Then they are able to open up the message, view it, and securely reply back. By doing this, we are able to track and audit the life of the email.

This is how we protect you and your patient’s information.

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Can I use my current email address?


If you are using emails associated with your domain – Yes. All you have to do is simply update your MX records to point to our mail server, and you are up and running!

If you are currently using a Gmail, Hotmail, or other single email address – No. We would set you up with a new email address on our Aspidamail.com domain and help you get set up to securely send and receive Encrypted Email.




Activation takes less than 24 hours for Aspida Mail+ and is immediate for Aspida Mail users. Update your mail records and begin sending emails! Easy step by step instructions.


Aspida implements encryption algorithm of AES256. Aspida also includes data loss prevention, in which emails automatically encrypt themselves if identifying words are used, helping to further decrease any unsecured PHI transmission.


Aspida mail will work with any IMAP enabled device and/or software. This includes popular mail programs, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, as well as most healthcare software programs.


Best in class protection against spam and malware. Real time scanning makes sure your inbox stays clutter free.


Aspida can be setup to leverage your current email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or any IMAP, SSL, and TLS supported system. The webmail interface can be accessed from any web-enabled device, making your email available virtually anywhere.


Aspida backs up and retains all encrypted AND unencrypted emails for up to 6 years. Added security to help your practice track and audit email activity.


No setup fees. No hidden fees. No contract to sign, cancel at any time - month to month. We make it easy to save your hard earned money.