• HIPAA Compliant Security for Dental Practices
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Aspida Mail starts at just $45/month.

Aspida provides a security package tailored to healthcare practices that is comprehensive, simple to use and compatible with virtually any network. HIPAA compliancy is already a requirement of your practice. Aspida delivers peace of mind.

Aspida Enterprise

All Encompassing Security and Compliance Solution For Dental Practices

Aspida Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for protecting and managing your practice’s technology and data systems. Aspida Enterprise is compatible with virtually any network and setup is simple and affordable.

Aspida Mail

HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email

Aspida Mail offers dental practices a comprehensive solution for HIPAA compliant encrypted email, including encrypted email, email archiving, retention and backup for six years with spam and malware protection. No referrals. No solicitation. No stress.

Aspida Wall

Centrally Managed Firewall

Aspida Wall is a firewall solution that can be tailored to meet each practice’s unique needs. Aspida Wall is more than a traffic cop for your network; it’s a personalized army focused on protecting your business and your patients’ information in real time.