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LogMeIn notifies users of fake emails claiming to be security update

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September 24, 2014

Remote desktop application developer LogMeIn has issued a notification to warn users of fake emails that purport to contain a security update for its services.

The email appears to come from an authentic LogMeIn address and the subject is “LogMeIn Security Update,” according to an image of the email included in the Monday notification.

In the body of the email, the message claims that LogMeIn has released a new security certificate that contains new features, including a patch for the Heartbleed bug and detection of irregular activity on accounts. Additionally, it states that the certificate will be attached to the computer of the account holder to prevent fraud activity.

The email contains an attachment – “cert_client.zip” – that is said in the message to “be automatically installed by double click.”

Editor’s note: Article originally appeared on www.scmagazine.com.

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